Asset Performance Analytics for
Facility Management Teams

Get actionable insights to run reliability-centred maintenance,
reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies.

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Transforming asset performance management around the world

From the most sustainable city in the Middle East to one the largest healthcare facilities in the UK, Facility Management O&M teams across the world rely on Xempla to deliver exemplary asset performance.

Leading Facility Management company from UAE
went from trials to implementation in 3 months.

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How do we help your business grow?

Reduce Operating Costs

With Xempla, O&M teams can cut down on unproductive hours, helping reduce operating costs.

Become Data Driven

Proactive notifications from Xempla means that O&M teams never miss out on any opportunity to make an impact.

Increase Revenue

Get deep insights, strike conversations with new and existing customers that leads to more business.


Learn How Leading Facility Management Companies Are Scaling Asset Performance Management Analytics

This is the right time for Facility Management companies to invest in asset performance management analytics projects. In this e-book we share actionable framework on starting and scaling trial projects, along with inputs from industry leaders.

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Features that are tailor made for O&M teams

Xempla leverages the power of analytics to generate insights and present them to O&M teams, allowing them to maintain assets & facilities and exceed expectations, easily.

No more data silos

Data Consolidation

Get all your asset-related information in one place. Xempla serves as the single source of truth, providing a consolidated view of all assets: from energy to operations to maintenance and more.

No more reactive response

Proactive Notifications

Never miss the opportunity to resolve an issue, or solve a bigger problem. Our asset-specific algorithms analyze data in real time and share push notifications with O&M teams, the minute an issue is identified.

No more unproductive hours

Contextual and actionable insights

Act fast, with the right information at your fingertips. Know what’s going on and how it affects other systems with all the information you need, including notifications, historical occurrences, an audit trail and system interdependence in one place.

No more guesswork

Prescriptive Analytics

Xempla makes it easy to prioritise the right interventions without getting overwhelmed. It does the hard work behind the scenes and recommend the most impactful plan of action so your O&M team acts on time, every time. 

No more manual reporting

Automated Measurement & Verification

For every intervention taken by the O&M teams, Xempla autodetects performance improvements and follows industry protocols to come up with a measurement and verification report, ready to be shared with your customers or internal stakeholders.

Step into the future of asset performance management.
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