Our Philosophy

At Xempla we empower O&M teams to make a difference every single day:
at work, and beyond.

The way facilities are operated and
managed is all set to change for good.

A significant digital transformation in the commercial real estate and facilities management space is taking place.
Never before has the intersection of energy, data and commercial real estate been so relevant.

Now, more than ever, O&M and energy teams need access to insights and tools that can help them make better decisions about how to lower energy and operation costs, while taking customer experience to the next level. It’s time for them to be an integral part of that transformation.

Every day, we work to make O&M teams’ lives better.

Xempla provides contextual insights, prescriptive analytics and on-time notifications that makes it easier for real people to do helpful, meaningful work that improves the facilities in which they operate and the lives of the people
this affects.

Our Team

Everyone can be exemplary!

Xempla leadership team brings together years of experience of working together with O&M teams, helping them leverage data analytics at scale. The team offers a great combination of subject matter expertise on asset performance analytics and human perspective on digital transformation.

The time for delivering exemplary facility performance is now

That’s why, for us, empowerment is not just another fancy word: every single day we strive to empower FM and O&M
teams to thrive by helping them embrace the new digital way of managing assets and facilities, based on the values that
all Xempla employees hold dear.

We believe in

Our Clients

Step into the future of asset
performance management.
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