Optimize asset operations to deliver the best living experience for apartment residents

Xempla helps you optimize your luxury apartment building and maximize your asset performance to drive operational excellence, lower maintenance costs, and delightful living experience for residents.

asset operations for luxury apartments
asset operations for luxury building

What luxury apartment owners and residents are demanding today

Luxury housing is growing in demand today and most of it can be attributed to healthier lifestyle choices, cultural influences, and simply the desire to enjoy the comforts of lavish living.

This puts O&M teams in charge of going the extra mile to ensure that assets keep functioning round the clock, in the most cost-efficient and sustainable manner possible. Further, O&M teams are required to address the priorities of various stakeholders and expected to:

  • Maintain a high level of occupant comfort and experience.
  • Reduce operations, maintenance, and energy costs.
  • Move from reactive to proactive maintenance programs.
  • Cut down emissions and improve sustainability.

Supercharge Luxury Apartment Operations
and Maintenance to Wow Your Customers

Xempla enables you to activate the highest standards of asset performance, streamline maintenance, reduce costs, and improve sustainability while helping you unlock occupant experience that exceeds expectations.


Resident comfort, quality living, and unparalleled experience for modern luxury apartments

Stay on top of well-being and experience parameters such as indoor air quality, room temperature, and hygiene. Sync with your helpdesk to plan maintenance and maximize comfort for every individual who stays or steps into your building. Let occupants in on details about how assets and spaces have been maintained and build trust with transparent operations.

Elevate occupant experience  
precision monitoring
residential operations

Data-driven O&M to maximize asset performance and building value

Xempla extracts hidden value from your existing building systems and combines it with its own tools, analytics and data-driven context to help teams increase reliability and avoid any downtime or failure. It ensures that assets are performing at the most optimal level, the facility is well-prepared for changing occupancy levels, and O&M teams can deliver more efficient outcomes.

Unlock higher value from your building  

Go from reactive to proactive maintenance programs at scale

Xempla keeps operations and maintenance teams informed and ever-ready to make proactive interventions with alerts that pop up on your dashboard, and also appear as in-app notifications. Convert alerts into work orders based on the level of severity and get moving with actionable insights. Use Xempla’s predictive analytics capabilities to power predictive maintenance programs across your portfolio and never give residents a chance to complain.

Switch to predictive maintenance  
asset operations for luxury building
precision monitoring

Reason out anomalies as a team and reach smarter decisions

Pinpoint the source of deviations in real quick time with a standardized investigation process and assistance in the form of specific recommendations. Make the most of Xempla’s advanced FDD engine that prompts solutions along with the root cause, and further validate your decisions by reasoning out situations as a team.

Fast-track fault detection and diagnostics  

Extend the life of your assets and reduce maintenance costs

You need your building assets and equipment to last. After all they’re huge investments that you want to keep giving returns over their lifetime. Xempla’s data-driven decision support and analytics tools help you reduce energy consumption, optimize maintenance schedules, and minimize operating costs across the asset life cycle. And guess what, make them last longer.

Manage asset lifecycle and costs  
asset operations
precision monitoring

Premium Luxury Residential Facility Eliminates 120+ Reactive Calls Using Xempla

Explore how an emerging FM services provider eliminated 120+ reactive calls and reduced investigation time by 45 min, resulting in enhanced occupant experience and 20% increase in energy savings at a premium luxury address in the UAE.

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Elevating Operational Excellence. Enhancing Occupant Experience. Accelerating Sustainability.

Xempla’s enterprise asset management solution helps operations and maintenance teams make smarter decisions, achieve operational excellence, higher savings, and deliver incredible occupant experience across industry sectors.

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