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Discover how to optimize your data center facility and maximize your asset performance to drive significant operational efficiencies and lower energy costs.

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The Eternal Challenge for Data Centers

Data centers require enormous amounts of energy and assets functioning round the clock to ensure all the hardware keeps running without fail. Operating them efficiently and sustainably is a constant challenge. Ever-increasing operational costs, tighter budgets, and unplanned downtime can add to an already demanding situation.

Facility managers and O&M teams are further challenged by:

  • Rising and unpredictable energy costs
  • The need for continuously improving uptime
  • Increasing pressure to reduce CO2 emissions

Data Center Asset Management Made Easy With Xempla

With the right tools, analytics, and data-driven assistance, Xempla empowers your O&M teams to proactively improve the performance of business critical assets, reduce energy costs, and hit more sustainability targets.


Monitor your assets 24/7 and discover issues in real-time

Xempla brings live visibility and operational intelligence beyond your BMS or CMMS’ capabilities to uncover potential risks and opportunities within your HVAC systems. Continuous monitoring of your assets makes it possible to understand asset behaviour in varying environments and better plan maintenance activities.

Start monitoring your assets  
precision monitoring
precision monitoring

Understand root cause and resolve critical issues faster

Pinpoint the source of deviations in asset performance and determine probable causes with a standardized investigation process. Make the most of Xempla’s advanced FDD engine that prompts solutions along with the root cause, get moving with asset-specific recommendations, and tend to critical issues on priority.

Run FDD the right way  

Increase reliability and uptime with predictive maintenance

Keep O&M teams informed and ever-ready to make proactive interventions with alerts that pop up on your dashboard and also appear as in-app notifications. Ensure assets operate as reliably and efficiently as possible using predictive data-driven analytics and decision support from Xempla. Resolve issues before they compromise continuity of data center operations.

Switch to predictive maintenance  
precision monitoring
precision monitoring

Reduce your data center’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Xempla helps you unlock energy savings, crush your net zero goals, and achieve environmental commitments by optimizing your high energy consuming assets. It identifies patterns and inefficiencies in the way your assets consume energy, alerts on potential overuse, and helps you verify the impact of initiatives on energy bills and emissions.

Improve energy performance  

Maximize asset lifespan and reduce maintenance costs

You need your data center assets and equipment to last. After all they’re huge investments that you want to keep giving returns over their lifetime. Xempla’s data-driven decision support and analytics tools for O&M teams help elevate asset performance and minimize operating costs across the asset life cycle. And guess what, make them last longer.

Manage asset lifecycle and costs  
precision monitoring
precision monitoring

Green Data Centers: Three Ways to Improve Efficiency & Sustainability

Although data centers have been utilizing renewables to go green, the largest potential for energy saving and cutting down emissions lies in more optimized operations and maintenance. Explore 3 ways you can improve data center efficiency and sustainability.

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