Reliable asset operations for healthcare facilities to ensure optimal patient outcomes

Support hospital staff and medical teams to deliver the best care possible with improved asset availability, optimally functioning facilities, and proactive equipment maintenance strategies.

Real time analytics
precision monitoring

Use data-driven intelligence to keep assets functioning 24/7

Keeping assets functioning 24/7 in healthcare facilities is crucial for delivering uninterrupted patient treatment. Xempla extracts data-driven intelligence from your existing building systems with advanced analytics and processing capabilities to help you operate assets reliably and avoid any downtime or failure.

Supercharge asset operations Enterprise asset management

Ensure high-quality patient care, safety of staff and visitors

In a time of uncertainty and workload pressures for healthcare teams, ensure that assets are performing at the most optimal levels, facilities are well-prepared for emergencies, and building systems and equipment are in top-notch condition, while staying in compliance with requirements such as indoor air quality, room temperature, and hygiene.

Elevate occupant comfort and well-being Enterprise asset management
facilities management
precision monitoring

Get alerts about potential issues and take action faster

Keep facility operations and maintenance teams informed and ever-ready to make proactive interventions with alerts that pop up on your dashboard, and also appear as in-app notifications. Convert alerts into work orders based on the level of severity and get moving with actionable insights before issues negatively impact healthcare outcomes.

Start discovering issues proactively Enterprise asset management

Reason out anomalies as a team and reach smarter decisions

Pinpoint the source of deviations in real quick time with a standardized investigation process and assistance in the form of specific recommendations. Make the most of Xempla’s advanced FDD engine that prompts solutions along with the root cause, and further validate your decisions by reasoning out situations as a team.

Make investigation easy and effective Enterprise asset management
facilities management
precision monitoring

Extend the life of your assets and reduce maintenance costs

You need your hospital assets and equipment to last. After all they’re huge investments that you want to keep giving returns over their lifetime. Xempla’s data-driven decision support and analytics tools help you reduce energy consumption, optimize maintenance schedules, and minimize operating costs across the asset life cycle. And guess what, make them last longer.

Manage asset lifecycle and costs Enterprise asset management

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