Bring live visibility into portfolio operations and performance

Establish a single source of truth for all your asset or facility performance metrics by connecting multiple data sources across your portfolio. Start identifying problems in real-time and fix them before they compromise tenant experience.

Real time analytics

Automate workflows, troubleshoot faster

Access a built-in library of automated workflows for use cases specific to asset classes like chillers, AHUs, FCUs, cooling towers and more. Or, with no programming at all, build your own workflows that determine what counts as a deviation or opportunity in the context of your facility.

Condition based maintenance
CMMS analytics softwareworkflows

1000+ workflows running daily.

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precision monitoring

Precision monitoring at speed and scale

Pull up crucial data points through real time monitoring of your assets and facilities by connecting diverse data sources across different sites. Implement best practices throughout your portfolio with standardized workflows for similar asset configurations. Scale with precision and speed, streamline operations effortlessly.

Multiple integrations, one platform for efficiency

Xempla connects easily with BMS, CMMS, sensors and work order management systems vendor agnostically, helping you make the most out of your building data. Organize and manage your O&M activities, leverage Xempla’s DIIV framework to pave the way for highly proactive teams and fuel business wide efficiency - all under one roof.

facilities management
CMMS analytics softwareasset performance management

We integrate with legacy CMMS like IBM Maximo, FSI & more.

To know more about integrations with CMMS, talk to our integrations expert.

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