Best of Digital Transformation for FM | Q2 of 2021

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Best of Digital Transformation for FM | Q2 of 2021

What is your FM’s favorite growth matrix? Or what is your north pole where your corporate team spends most of their efforts and time to stabilize it or rather strengthen it further?  

Is it the 

-Number of active clients you are serving (YoY growth)
-Annual revenue or profit (YoY growth)
-The area under management (likely for Commercial clients)
-Diverse solution portfolio (A to z of FM)
Before you would like to answer it I want to share something interesting with you. 

We all have seen how pandemic has exploded growth opportunities to many industries. E-commerce, EduTech, Entertainment (OTT), ITeS and Direct to consumer (D2C) brands have seen double-digit growth in just 6-8 months. Amazon’s net income grew by 3X to $8.1 billion in the first three months of 2021 while small-scale Brands like sugar, Upakarma, Super smelly are now making incumbent players HUL, ITC run for their money.

There are a couple of reasons why some sectors enjoyed the changing business landscape but within the same sector, very few were able to show a hockey stick graph while their competitors were struggling to deliver single-digit revenue growth. Wonder what leaders did differently than the laggers? 

Realizing the Opportunity Acting upon the Opportunity at the right time.  

More than anything else agile decision-making has made the difference. While everyone tried to anticipate the after-effects of lockdown, few of them actually started devising a plan to mitigate the situation and emerge victoriously. It is the quick decision-making and implementation mechanisms that differentiated them from the rest. We aspire to facilitate our readers with market insights and success stories to keep them on the edge of their game all the time.

We are initiating this series of quarterly updates on respective areas that are critical to FM’s growth. It will be a list of top pick stories and blogs post around the world of FM.   

Blog No 1: Transforming Facilities Management Digitally

Blog post by Stephen Bruce, Executive Director & Head Real Estate Management Services Colliers, Singapore. The author talks about how innovation and technologies like Drones, IoT, Big data, and AI are shaping the facility management industry

Blog No 2: Digital Divide in FM: How Facility management teams can fill up the Gap?

Published on Facility management times, The Author highlights the digital skill gap in the daily operations of the FM teams and ways to fulfill it. The author has depicted the problem to solution journey with the help of the ‘Jobs to be done framework.’

Blog No 3: Is the Path to the Digital Twin Future of Buildings Paved By APIs?

Article published on Memoori, that argues the importance of open Application Programming Interface (APIs) for bringing digital twins on the mainstream. The article has also mentioned Microsoft's Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) concept and google's digital building an open-source project.   

(Add On) Digital twin: from a virtual model to real benefits

Ebook by Arup, Global advisory firm. It is extensive coverage on digital twins technology for smart buildings, it also reviews the opportunities, challenges and builds a case study for successful implementation. 

Blog No 4: Facility Management leaders in UAE reveal their strategy to invest in technology

Published on Facility management times, The Article explores the key driving factors that are responsible for the growth of regional FM plates in the MENA region. It has also described the innovative projects that are happening around data assessment, workflow management, energy, and Air Quality in the leading FMs in UAE. 

Blog No 5: Evaluating FDD: Finding an ideal match for your facility

Published on Facility management times, the article tries to answer two key questions - 1) How to evaluate the performance of an FDD algorithm/ application 2) How to select an Ideal FDD package. 

Blog No 6: The Pathway to Autonomous buildings

Blog by William Ruh, CEO at Lendlease Digital. The author beautifully explains the relevance of autonomous building and benchmarking efforts to track the progress towards a truly autonomous building in five fundamental steps - Baseline, Connected, Smart, Partially autonomous, fully Autonomous. 

Have we missed something to add? Drop us a mail with your suggestions on the series at [email protected]    

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