Why should Facility Management companies establish a Nerve Centre?

Published on 20 Nov, 2023read time 4 mins
worker in a nerve centre or control centre

In the constantly evolving business landscape, facility management (FM) companies encounter numerous uncertainties. In order to address these issues, it becomes necessary to establish a nerve centre. This nerve centre functions as a collective group of individuals who track and respond to evolving situations.

For facilities management companies, setting up a nerve centre—also referred to as a command centre or control room—can be extremely beneficial. It acts as a centralised hub for the purpose of coordinating, optimising, and monitoring various aspects of facility operations.

In the long term, establishing a nerve centre is a wise investment because it gives facilityty management companies the ability to better serve their occupants, increase operational efficiency, improve security, and manage their facilities proactively.

In this article, we will explore the need for FM companies setting up a nerve centre to deal with uncertainties and drive digital transformation.

The Importance of a Nerve Centre for Facilities Management Companies

Whenever big companies have to deal with uncertainties, they should establish a nerve center. This nerve centre functions as a collective group of individuals in charge of monitoring and responding to changing conditions and crises. Its main responsibility is to guide the company through uncertain times. As soon as things settle down, the nerve center's expertise and information is shared throughout the company, increasing its impact and participation.

A comparison with Command and Control Centres

Decentralizing Decision-Making in Command Centres

By drawing a comparison, facility management companies can apply this concept to the initial stages of setting up command centres. Initially, these centres were put into place for particular use cases and important decisions. All the same, as companies move forward with their digital transformation, everyday tasks that may be efficiently performed by team members outside of the nerve centre or command centre must be decentralised.

Rethinking Command Centre Strategies for Digital Transformation

Unfortunately, today's command centres sometimes over-decentralize decision-making, resulting in inefficiencies. As part of their digital transformation journey, facility management companies should think about reevaluating their approach to command centres, particularly in the areas of hard services, operations, and maintenance.

Leadership for the Nerve Centre

Choosing a Dedicated Nerve Centre Leader

Another important factor to consider is the leadership within the nerve centre. The head of the nerve centre ought to have a full-time role that is exclusively for that purpose and shouldn't have be burdened with extra responsibilities like CEO, CIO, or CDO duties. Facility management companies often do not have a designated leader for the nerve centre. Rather, this function is typically assigned to people in the energy, engineering, or information technology departments. Nonetheless, the nerve center's success depends on a committed person who is familiar with the business processes of the company—even if they are not employed by the company itself.

Established FM Companies vs. New Age Companies

Adaptability and Agility in New-Age Companies

New-age companies have the potential to surpass traditional tier one facility management companies by implementing nerve centres in a more agile and adaptable manner. These companies are more willing to take risks and are able to apply lessons that they have learned from existing companies. Modern companies are able to quickly modify their strategies, which makes them a strong competitor to their larger and rigid competitors.

The Nerve Centre as the Key to Successful Digital Transformation

In conclusion, establishing a nerve centre is essential for facility management companies to navigate uncertain times and succeed in their digital transformation efforts. By building a centralized group in charge of monitoring, decision-making, and sharing information, companies will efficiently respond to changing circumstances. Furthermore, assigning a dedicated leader who understands the company's intricacies can significantly improve the nerve centre's effectiveness. Embracing this agile and adaptive approach will allow facility management companies to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

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