Chatbot (Personal Digital Assistant)

On-demand access to all of the Asset Information required for O&M Teams at the fingertips to monitor from anywhere anytime.


Quick Check On Assets

Scan to Know

Fetch all the asset related information required, by just scanning the QR Code on the go without any dependency at your convenience.

Ease of Access

O&M teams can access any asset information from all BMS, IOT, CAFM/CMMS data independently without any interruption in one place.

On site

Get to monitor each and every asset behavior across all of your portfolios with actionable insights while working in the sites away from the screen.

Information on Asset Behaviour

  •   High Priority alerts and actionable insights at fingertips
  •   Get a forecast on critical asset behavior
  •   Retrieve asset data as required without dependency

On-demand Visualization of Assets Behaviour

  •   Get the visuals of required variables/ data points only
  •   Change/alter the visuals view as per asset Behavior
  •   Analyze or compare assets across portfolios visually

Collaboration with Team

  •   Effortlessly communicate with the teams virtually
  •   No data silos. historical data to current thread status in one place
  •   Respond, refer, take actions on any asset discussions with the team

Other Features in Spotlight

All predominant features that let you master the O&M efficiently along with capabilities to scale up your business.

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