No More Manual Interventions in Asset Performance & Maintenance.

Allow Xempla, to be your prescriptive & predictive partner for APM


Connect with your Existing Building Management Systems

Xempla integrates with all of your existing or new BMS, IOT sensors or any data stack in two-way, centralize and analyze data in real-time for your asset management with predictive maintenance, proactive notifications and actionable insights


Built to Integrate with systems

Connect Xempla directly with current BMS, ioT sensors, energy data and other resources


Customize & Schedule Maintenance

Get actionable insights from the customized workflows scheduled in the application


Merge and Centralize Data

Easily form the data pool of all data in silos in real-time to analyze

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Orchestrate Agile Integrations


Xempla connectors seamlessly integrate with any BMS data, IOT sensors and allows you to get started in a matter of days.


Easily configure and manage integrations and give your O&M teams the power of holistic APM.


Customize integrations as per your business requirements that are scalable over the period of time at your digitization strategy pace.

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