Access all of your asset Information from multiple data sources in one easy-to-access place


End-to-End Visibility of All Assets for O&M teams

Visually impactful, easy to understand viewport for better decision making along with actionable insights for O&M teams.


Create your own dashboards to get an overview of the assets across different portfolios.


Add/delete/resize from the pool of widgets as per your teams’ requirements for analysis


For easy communication and time saving, share widgets’ information anytime within the team.

Create Dynamic dashboards for O&M teams to get Actionable Insights

  • Add/Delete/Edit multiple dashboards to have single view
  • Download/Clone dashboards for similar portfolios and save time
  • Organize dashboard as per the asset analysis requirements

Browse widgets from the readily available list of widgets and add to dashboard with your requirements

  • Select/Unselect widget from the readily available list of widgets
  • Arrange the widgets in specific way your O&M teams want
  • Change the views of widgets for better visual understanding

Accessing Widgets’ Information

  • Switch through multiple viewports to get required widget information
  • Download anytime the widget information as pdfs
  • Share across the O&M teams through different mediums

Other Features in Spotlight

All predominant features that let you master the O&M efficiently along with capabilities to scale up your business.

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