The big picture is that 40% of the world's CO2 emissions arise mainly from the building sector, and 30% of the energy waste can be found in building operations, which also means that if you turn the side of the coin from wastage into opportunities, you can see there's this massive space for improvement and benefits if you do things right.

- Alex Chan, Program Leader, Customer Success, Schneider Electric

Episode Summary

In this episode titled "What's Driving Enterprise Software Demand Across the Built Environment?", we welcome guest speaker Alex Chan, Program Leader, Customer Success at Schneider Electric. Alex is a trusted expert in digitalization, resilience, and sustainability with tons of experience in customer-facing roles and makes for the perfect match for this episode.

Host Umesh and Alex start off by exploring the key drivers of growth and pain points faced by global enterprises, discussing regional disparities and sector-specific nuances.

The discussion moves on to uncover the barriers hindering technology adoption by large accounts and dives deep into the vital role of collaboration within the ecosystem.

Lastly, don't miss Alex's wishlist for enterprise customers, as he plays the devil's advocate to address the missing pieces in tech adoption and shares his vision for change.

That's all for this episode. Stay ahead of the curve and keep listening to the Forever Forward podcast for more exclusive conversations!

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